When it comes to Venice, are you more of a 'Hey Dude' or a "Ciao Bella'?

While you may think that Venice, California is light years different than it's namesake Venice, Italy, you may be surprised at some of the things they have in common.

There is the obvious similarity that life revolves around water in both places, the fantastic sunsets, offer great people watching and the fact that both are tourist mekas.

What you may not know that is that more than 100 years ago, developer Abbot Kinney conceived the mad idea of building a "Venice of America," a cultural Valhalla dedicated to the fine arts, complete with canals, gondolas and imported Italian gondoliers. The experiment failed, and the gondoliers went home, but the canals remain and are a splendid place to take a walk.

So whether you are watching the sunset sipping a beverage on the rooftop deck of the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach or from the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy, it is sure to be bellissimo!

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