Shelley has more than 20 years of experience in the retail travel sector and has been with HTS and Travelista Marketing since 2007. She holds a certificate for online and social media marketing. Shelley works directly with clients: Airlines, Resorts, Tourist Boards and Cruises lines, to design the creative aspects of each campaign.

“I apply my experience together with my result driven attitude to jump-start sales for our clients.
As editor for Travelista Marketing, I leverage my experience in the retail travel business along with my creative talents to provide newsletters that inform and inspire the reader to get ready to jump on the next plane!
As a mad passionate traveller myself, being able to bring destinations and travel experiences to life is ‘the perfect job’. I'm your go to person for all your questions on the 'how to' of Travelista Marketing and I will personally make sure you get the answers you need. That’s a promise!

During my free time I have volunteered as a council member for ACTA, the British Columbia Call Centre Association and a proud volunteer at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics”.
Please reach out, if you need help.

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