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“We in the developed world have a privilege to travel, we don’t have the right to travel. That’s a mindset that significantly has to change… When you do (travel), do it consciously: ask questions and do it in a way that’s not reckless and strictly motivated by price. And do it a way that matches the values you have at home. You can’t suspend the values you have at home just because it’s cheap or you’re going to another country. That has to stop.”
Bruce Poon Tip
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Beautiful Destinations

We have spent our careers helping our clients, in a variety of ways, to fulfill their travel dreams from sun-drenched beaches to the world's historical and cultural treasures. It is always our pleasure to help you with your next discovery of this beautiful world.

However, it pains us to say this, now is not the time to travel. We need to stay home to take care of ourselves, each other, and the world that we live in.

Now is also the time to dream. Time to think ahead. Time to plan for the future. 

A quote that we will leave with you for now: "Also highly contagious… Kindness, Love, Patience, Enthusiasm, and a Positive Attitude."

Stay safe everyone.

Puerto Vallarta

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Canada – With Glowing Hearts

Canada already has a lot to offer travellers, but as the country celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017 with a year full of sesquicentennial celebrations, there’s even more to see and do. We're opening our doors and national parks to visitors from near and far for a party to end all parties! And tourists will have…
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