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Few countries grip the imagination quite like Egypt. Just hearing the name conjures images of mighty pharaohs and massive pyramids, sprawling temples and secret tombs, colossal monuments and crowded markets—and cutting through it all, the life-giving Nile River, without which none of these other sights could have existed.


Nestled between the bustling cities of Oxford and Bristol and just a short train ride from London, the Cotswolds offers visitors the chance to experience some of Britain's most charming countryside, tranquil cottage-filled villages and unique towns, each with a story to tell. In addition to much-loved destinations such as Burford and Broadway, there are a host of other highlights waiting to be explored, traditional towns and villages all awash with picturesque walking trails, historic buildings and local tipples to sample…


The Dordogne region, in the South West of France, is everything you can imagine of French countryside vacation. The valley is so pretty with patchworks fields of corn and tobacco mixed with walnut groves and oak forests. It seems that on every hilltop are picture-perfect medieval villages and fairy-tale castles. The area is famous for its gourmet delights; paté de foie gras, walnuts and truffles, food so good you won't want to go home.

20 For 20 – Galapagos Islands

A Galapagos tour should be on everyone's bucket list. The islands are a haven for endemic wildlife and a proverbial living Eden where you get to glimpse evolutionary history up close. Close encounters with the Galapagos Islands' amazing and unique inhabitants are every nature enthusiast's dream.