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Portugal – The Perfect Hotspot

Portugal is the perfect hotspot for culture-loving, sun-seeking travellers from all over the world. Whether you're looking for a sun-drenched beach holiday, culture-filled city break or a mix of both, it's the ideal destination.

Not only is Benagil Beach a beautiful stop along the Algarve, but it's home to the natural wonder that is the Algar of Benagil, a magnificent cave featuring a hole in the top through which you can see the blue sky above. Accessible by boat or kayak, the cave is well worth the trip!

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Dundee – A Modern Wonder

The first and only city in the United Kingdom to hold the distinction as a UNESCO "City of Design", Dundee has transformed its reputation as a place to circumvent to a city that has become a leading centre for innovation, software, medicine and the arts attracting students and specialists from around the globe. New hotels, restaurants, galleries and a vibrant nightlife quickly followed to which GQ Magazine stated, Dundee, is Britain's "Coolest Little City".

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Parsian grace, Asian Pace

Buzzing to the hum of a million motorbikes, lined with lemon-coloured French-colonial architecture and heady with the aroma of coffee and incense, Hanoi is one of the most distinctive and vibrant capitals in South East Asia. With traditional culture,  a contemporary art scene, with quirky boutiques and increasingly sophisticated dining and nightlife comingling with fantastic street food, add it all up to Parisian grace with an Asian pace! 

The Loire Valley

Stepping through the Loire Valley is a bit like stepping back in time – way, way back to a time where fairytale princes and princesses lived among kings and queens and nobility in grand, extravagant castles.

Novelist Henry James once described the Loire Valley as 'the land of Rabelais, of Descartes, of Balzac as well as good dinners and good houses.' Indeed, life is sweet in the Loire Valley – the food, the wine, the beauty of both the land and the many châteaux and the brushes with royalty and celebrated historical figures.

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