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20 For 20 – Galapagos Islands

A Galapagos tour should be on everyone's bucket list. The islands are a haven for endemic wildlife and a proverbial living Eden where you get to glimpse evolutionary history up close. Close encounters with the Galapagos Islands' amazing and unique inhabitants are every nature enthusiast's dream.

20 For 20 – A Walk in the Park


The Cerro Castillo National Park is one of the crown flowers of South Chile. The Park takes its name from the mountain from the jagged silhouette in the shape of a castle that dominates the landscape, and it is a real paradise for all trekking lovers: the typical vegetation of the steppe.  Steppe is embellished with woods of native shrubs that open up Pure Turquoise lagoons and suspended glaciers, habitat of the shy Andean Deer, foxes, guanaco and puma among others. 

20 for 20: Quito

Ecuador’s capital was founded on the ruins of an Inca city located in the Andes, at 2818 metres altitude. The 16th-century buildings have lavish interiors in a style known as the “Baroque school of Quito”, a combination of Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous art. Quito is considered the best-preserved, least-altered historic centre in South America.

20 for 20: Iguazu National Park

This incredible waterfall forms part of the border between Argentina and Brazil. It’s 80 metres high and 2700 metres in diameter and its many cascades pump vast sprays of water into the atmosphere. It’s surrounded by spectacular subtropical rainforest where howler monkeys, jaguars and giant anteaters live.