Tohoku – Packs a Punch!

Packs a Punch!

Lesser-known Tohoku is the perfect place to experience Japan’s tranquil side. Japan's popularity among travellers comes as no surprise to anyone as the archipelago is overflowing with natural beauty, historical sites, delicious food, and unique experiences. The northeastern Tohoku region packs just as much of a punch as its big-city counterparts — and with just a fraction of the crowds.

Portugal – The Perfect Hotspot

Portugal is the perfect hotspot for culture-loving, sun-seeking travellers from all over the world. Whether you're looking for a sun-drenched beach holiday, culture-filled city break or a mix of both, it's the ideal destination.

Not only is Benagil Beach a beautiful stop along the Algarve, but it's home to the natural wonder that is the Algar of Benagil, a magnificent cave featuring a hole in the top through which you can see the blue sky above. Accessible by boat or kayak, the cave is well worth the trip!

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Dundee – A Modern Wonder

The first and only city in the United Kingdom to hold the distinction as a UNESCO "City of Design", Dundee has transformed its reputation as a place to circumvent to a city that has become a leading centre for innovation, software, medicine and the arts attracting students and specialists from around the globe. New hotels, restaurants, galleries and a vibrant nightlife quickly followed to which GQ Magazine stated, Dundee, is Britain's "Coolest Little City".

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LGBT Welcome Here!

Paul Gauguin Cruises is popular with the LGBT community. They offer a safe environment and are the only luxury, all-inclusive, small ship experience to some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. With discounts for Canadian Residents ranging from 10-25% on all sailings and prices including airfare from Los Angeles or San Francisco, it is also an undeniable value!