Berlin – a cultural extravaganza

Berlin - diverse, contemporary and artistic, Berlin is one of the great cultural cradles of Europe, a capital city of intense contrast and divisive heritage. From its origins as a pivotal trade route in the 13th century to its harrowing division throughout the Cold War, the city has long been at the forefront of global political and cultural change, staking its claim as one of the world's most influential and essential cities.

Or, as David Bowie once said. "Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine."

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Who do they think of?

When they're planning this - who do they think of?

These days your clients are being bombarded with travel offers from multiple sources. It's crucial to your business that you keep connected and that your brand reflects you – their travel professional. The old adage, " you only get one chance to make a good first impression" is truer today than ever.

Our beautiful newsletters with inspiring photos and content are designed to build your brand and make you look as good as you really are. So, every month send them on an African safari adventure, a European river cruise or perhaps suggest a destination packed with history, culture, sumptuous food, and entertainment.

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Havana – a step back in time

Since 1519, Havana has grown into a sprawling city of over two million inhabitants but Old Havana, marked by its former city walls, still holds the magic of years gone by. With its original city design still intact, five plazas stand strong with their own unique architectural identity, including Plaza de Armas, Plaza Vieja, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza del Cristo, and Plaza de la Catedral. You’ll also find a host of historic buildings and monuments among the baroque and neoclassical architecture from cathedrals to private houses and more. The city’s fertilizations, which protected the port and dockyard is also a sight to see with parapets, fortresses, and sweeping views. Courtesy of Sunwing

Breathtaking Halong Bay

Topping travel wish lists the world over, Ha Long Bay may well be the most iconic natural heritage site on Earth. From its emerald waters and dramatic limestone karsts to the charming, nostalgic junk boats, which have come to characterize the region – Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site you won't want to miss on your visit to Southeast Asia. View the newsletter